Jonathan Whose Love Was Wonderful (Teen Class) - Roger Lewis
Joseph and Judah - Maurice Beale
Joseph, the Savior of the World - Andrew Pearce
Joseph: A Man of Principle - Trevor Pritchard
Joshua - Bob Lloyd
Josiah - Stephen Palmer
Judea and Samaria - Alfred Norris
Judgement Seat of Christ - Eric Mansfield
Judgement to Come - Duncan Heaster
Judges: Lessons in Faith for the Last Days - Trevor Maher
Kaleidoscope Of Character (Teen Class) - Stephen Mansfield
Kindness of the Sons of Zephaniah (Exhortation) - Ron Cowie
King Josiah: Serving God in an Evil World - Ed Binch
King Saul: Exhortations from His Life and Times - Frank Abel
Knowing Jesus - Bill Link, Jr.
Latter Years of Paul - Brian Luke
Legalism & Faith - David Levin
Lessons for Living From David - Matthew Blewett
Lessons from the Levites: The Development of Holiness - Brad Butts
Let the Heavens Rain Dust - Stan Isbell
Letter to the Hebrews - Jim Styles
Letters to Today's Ecclesia - David Smith
Liberty of the Glory of God's Children - George Booker
Life and Spirit of Robert Roberts (Late Evening Program) - Ron Cowie
Life and Times of Dr. Thomas (Evening Program) - Colin Badger
Life Before the Flood -
Life in the Age to Come - Stan Snow
Life in the Kingdom; Living it Now (Teen Class) - Michael Owen
Life of Josiah - Gary Burns
Lives of the Patriarchs - David Styles
Living the Truth - Al Walker
Living with God - Lou Sargent
Look Unto The Rock - Ron Cowie
Looking Forward To The Kingdom (Evening Program) - John Knowles
Looking Forward to the Millennium - Michael Owen
Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do - John Peake
Malachi (1990) - Andrew Tennant
Malachi (2001) - David Smith
Malachi: God's Messenger - Peter Banford
Marriage Guidance from the Word of God - Bob Lloyd
Marriage: From the Mind of God - Mark Giordano
Medo-Persia, Cyrus My Shepherd (Evening Program) - Ron Leadbetter
Mental & Spiritual Health - Reginald Newth
Mercy Not Sacrifice (Exhortation) - Tec Morgan
Ministering Spirits: A Study of Angels - Barry Van Heerden
Ministry of the Prophets: Elijah and Elisha - Peter King
Moses The Lord's Messenger - Harry Tennant
Mountain Words from God (Teen Class) - Harry Tennant
My Greatest Misadventure (Evening Program) - Jim Dillingham
Nehemiah - Bob Lloyd
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