About The Archive

Tape ConvertersThe Archive is a digital audio library established by members of the Moorestown Christadelphian Ecclesia and is being created from the stacks of virtually obsolete cassette tapes in the basement of the ecclesial hall. The tapes are a vast trove of excellent scriptural exposition from Christadelphian speakers, some of whom have fallen asleep.

With the rise of the home computer, compact disc (CD) and portable digital music players, our once popular cassette tapes now tend to collect dust. To preserve these tape recordings and make them available to a new generation that’s equipped with the latest electronic tools, we have decided to digitize them.

For now, The Archive will contain digitized versions of cassette tapes found only in the ecclesial library in Moorestown. In time, it may grow to accommodate recordings made in the CD format; and if there is enough demand, the site may eventually accommodate recordings from the collections of others.

God willing, The Archive may eventually house digitized versions of all of the tapes now found in Moorestown’s ecclesial library. As of the spring of 2010, we have made a start. May this effort be interrupted and itself be made obsolete by the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Classes Added 2-1

Two fraternals and a study day have been added:


Classes Added 1-11

Two class series and a fraternal have been added:

Also, the sixth class of Heroes of Faith by Bro. John Bilello (FCBS 1995) has been added.



Classes Added 1-18

Four Evening Programs from the 2000 Midwest Christadelphian Bible School have been added:


Classes Added 1-4

Three class series have been added:

Also the sixth class of The Epistle to the Hebrews by Bro. Peter King has been added.